keep reaching (wefoughthard) wrote in djtechx,
keep reaching


not sure if these types of posts are allowed in the community, if this is not ok please let me know and i'll edit/delete it if i can! this stuff hasn't even been used. i had a friend who started getting into spinning and never persued it, and i ended up with the items. i have no use for them, but i figured someone here might.

Vestax PDX-2000 turntable, never used, needle not included, i've seen these retail from $350 up to $799
Gemini ps54i dj mixer, never used, retails up to $200

shipping=standard ground $50-60

total for both without shipping= $400 OR BEST OFFER

if you want one of them and not the other, the prices will be different. you can email me or IM me if you are interested. and poisonfreevegan on AIM. thanks!
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